The Lima Township Conservation Coalition is a rapidly-growing group of concerned residents who would be significantly impacted by the proposed non-motorized pathway along Dexter-Chelsea Road.

We are pooling our collective resources to ensure that the many problems posed by this proposal are addressed and rectified. These include:

  • Property rights
  • Road safety
  • Environmental impact

The land that bike path advocates have proposed to use has been utilized for residential and agricultural purposes for over 115 years. This so-called “Boland Corridor” has been incorrectly reported in the media as a “right-of-way” and as a century-old rail line, but nothing could be further from the truth.  During that time, ownership of much of the land in question reverted to adjacent property owners by the terms of the land’s initial sale in 1901, and it has been maintained and in some cases improved by those private land owners.  Some residents obtained permits to place wells on this land, and others have legally placed structures on or near it.

The proposed route traverses 67 parcels of privately-owned land and crosses some 50 residential or commercial driveways. Unlike other “rails-to-trials” pathways that are on public land or in remote areas, a pathway like the one proposed would ensure that high-speed bike traffic would literally collide with residents going about their normal business in a populated area, resulting in serious injury or death.  In sum, we believe the bike path as proposed is dangerous, an affront to property rights, and an assault upon the rural character of our community.